24 May 2024

Tenders List

S.No Title Tender No. Download Date of Release End Date Est.Cost(Rs.) Timings Remarks Amendments
1 Hand Held Explosive Detector

Download (845.40KB) 10-05-2024 10-05-2024 N/A 0hours N/A N/A
2 Bomb Basket

Download (801.80KB) 09-05-2024 31-05-2024 N/A 528hours N/A N/A
3 Shot Gun/ Spas Gun

Download (537.09KB) 08-05-2024 31-05-2024 N/A 552hours N/A N/A
4 Facility for Interactive Tactical Training

Download (6.62MB) 10-04-2024 10-05-2024 N/A 720hours N/A N/A