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About Us

About Us



NSG wives' welfare association was set up in 1991 to promote the welfare of NSG families. Ever since its inception, it has endeavoured towards enriching the lives of NSG families. The association was re-christened as NWYA in Feb 2013. It covered another milestone on 18th July 2013 when NWYA became a registered body with its own logo and motto. NWYA has taken initiatives in areas like health, education, environment and rehabilitation of differently-abled children. It also strives to promote art and culture amongst the new generation.

Message of NWYA President


Sandhya Ganapathy

Our rich Indian culture bestows upon us an array of festivals to create an atmosphere of joy and gaiety among the people. The essence of our festivals is our community spirit, where we all celebrate together.

We have faced the COVID-19 pandemic very bravely and we have endured anxiety, ill health, and even bereavement.

The time has come to put the past behind and yet reflect on the lessons ,we as a community have learnt.

As the festive season starts, let us celebrate with family and friends, albeit with caution.

We all must follow COVID-19 protocol - SMS (social distancing, masking and sanitisation).

This is the only way, we can enjoy the spirit of our festivals, by caring for ourselves and others.

Wishing you all the best of the festive season.

Greeting Message

May this festival of Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Bihu be auspicious for you, give joy, spread happiness, and bring a new dawn of progress and well-being in your life. I wish that this festival symbolizing life-giving fertility and the bright light of the sun give new warmth to your dreams. May your fame and fortune increase progressively. May you, along with your family members be healthy and live long...

This is my prayer to Lord Surya Narayan for all of you

Best Wishes

Jai Hind

Sandhya Ganapathy, President, NWYA