9th Annual Warrior Competition 2017 ( 30th Apr to 04th May 2017)

1. Eight members commando team of NSG participated in 9th Annual Warrior Competition 2017 at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre (KASOTC), Amman, Jordan. Total 31 teams of following 16 Nations across the world participated in the competition:-

Sr No Countries
(a) China
(b) Lebanon
(c) Jordan
(d) Greece
(e) Egypt
(f) India
(g) USA
(h) Portugal
(j) The Czech Republic
(k) Tunisia
(l) Kuwait
(m) UAE
(n) Thailand
(o) Saudi Arabia
(p) Sudan
(q) South Africa

2. Competition was held from 30 Apr – 04 May 2017.

3. NSG team stood 8th in the final event. Overall NSG team stood 5th amongst the nations.

Jordan1, Jordan2, Jordan3