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     The National Bomb Data Centre NBDC came into being, though in its nascent stages, in the year 1988. Back then, NBDC made a humble, in house, beginning of collating all bombing related incidents in the country and chronicled them in, now its eminently readable and popular yearly publication, Bombshell. The role of NBDC was later redefined in the year 2000, when it was assigned an important national role of monitoring, recording and analysing all bombing incidents in the country.

     NBDC is one of its kind institution in the country, which not only monitors all bombing IED related incidents, within the country, but also records and analyses the salient ones across the world to draw out appropriate lessons in own context. This knowledge is then passed on to or shared with the relevant security agencies on as required basis.

     NBDC has emerged into a hub for articulating any new ideas related to countering IEDs and EOD related matters. All national security agencies, invariably, fall back on NBDC for varied assistance and have healthy regards for its working culture.


Role and Tasks


  • Collect, collate, analyse and evaluate all terrorist bombing activities reported in India and abroad.
  • Disseminate relevant information to concerned law enforcement agencies, as required.
  • Remain abreast with the latest techniques in the field of terrorist bombings in India & abroad.
  • Compile and disseminate periodic statistical data and analytical information on terrorist bombing activities.
  • Carryout limited research and innovation in the field of bomb disposal.
  • Research and develop concepts for dealing with terrorist bomb threat situations.


  • Organization & conducting International NBDC seminars..
  • Selective post blast investigations and analysis.
  • Carry out trials of bomb disposal equipments for various agencies.
  • Collection and analysis of IED and bombing incidents.
  • Annual publications of bomb shell magazines.