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Qualitative Requirements (QRs) for Deputation to NSG

Army CPOs
JCO Junior Commissioned Officer SO Subordinate Officer
NCO Non Commissioned Officer UO Under Officer
OR Other Ranks Insp Inspector
CE* Certificate Education Sub Insp Sub Inspector

Annual Confidential Report 

Consts Constables

QRs for Deputation to NSG

Sr. No. Rank / Designation Ranger Group Administrative Group Remarks
1 Age Factor  (in years)
(a) Sepoys / Consts Below 30 Below 35 (No restriction in case of security aide)
(b) NCOs / UOs Below 38 Below 40  
(c) JCOs / SOs
(i) Insp Below 43 Below 43  
(ii) Sub Insp Below 40 Below 40  
(d) Officers
(i) Team Commander Below 38 Below 38  
(ii) SquadronCommander Below 42 Below 42  
(iii) Group Commander Below 47 Below 47  
2 Service Experience Factor (in terms of minimum years of service) 
(a) Sepoys / Consts Two Five  
(b) NCOs / UOs One Three
(as NCO /  UO)
(As NCO / UO for direct appointees and no restriction for promotees)
(c) JCOs / SOs One Three
(as JCOs / SOs)
(As JCOs / SOs for direct appointees and no restriction  promotees)
(d) Officers No restriction No restriction  
3 Education Factor
(a) Sepoys / Consts 8th / 3rd  CE 6th / 3rd  CE  
(b) NCOs / UOs 8th / 3rd  CE 6th / 3rd  CE  
(c) JCOs / SOs 10th / 1st  CE 10th / 1st  CE  
4 Physical Standards
(a) Serving officers and JCOs / SOs No restriction
(b) OR As laid down in the recruitment rules in respective Para-Military / Police Organisations without any condonation
5 Health Factor Medical Category 'A' for all categories and ranks
6 Training Factor Preference will be given to those who have done professional / technical training courses in recognized training institutions
7 Service Factor
(a) Punishment Punishment free record for three years and no major punishment during entire service
(b) General ACR Categorization : not below 'good'
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